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An accurate guide to measuring ring size.

Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal or looking to spoil yourself or a loved one with a beautiful new ring, you’ll need to know their ring size. Here’s my marvellously simple but accurate guide to getting the ring size right if you don’t already know it or you can’t go to a reputable local jeweller to measure. 

There are different ways to measure your ring size, but using a ruler with a clear millimetre representation is my preferred and most accurate method. The South Africa and the UK, ring sizes are measured on an alphabetic scale ranging from A to Z+ with half sizes in between. The most common sizes for women are between L-N, and for men, sizes R-V. Below is an example of how to use the ruler method. Place the ring on top of the ruler and measure the inside of the ring from one end to the other in millimetres. you’ve established the width; you can compare the millimetre measurement to the alphabetical size chart below; it’s as easy as that.

If you’re planning a surprise proposal or purchasing a ring as a surprise gift, follow these tips;  

Option 1:  

Use the ruler method by using a ring you’ve seen your partner wearing. The finger on their right hand is closest in size to the left-hand ring finger. Remember that our dominant hand is often slightly larger than the other, so unless your partner is left-handed, you may need to size down half a size.

Option 2.

Bypass the ruler method and try on the ring you’ve seen your partner wearing on yourself. Slide it onto your finger and make a mental note as to where it comes to on your own finger. I will measure your finger during our consultation to get her ring size. 

More tips:

  • Measuring the circumference of your finger with a piece of string is not recommended; it’s not an accurate way to measure your ring size, and in most cases, the size ends up being substantially larger.
  • The fingers on your dominant hand are slightly larger; you can accommodate for 1/2 size larger or smaller depending on the hand.
  • Take note of the time of day or season when measuring your ring size, as some people experience swelling in the morning or on hot summer days.
  • Broader rings will have a tighter fit. I recommend adding an additional size if you’re planning on purchasing a wider band or planning to stack your rings.

I’m always happy to assist you further if you need help getting your ring size. You’re welcome to pop me an email, and I will be more than willing to help you.

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