Diamond Kind

We offer a wide range of high-quality diamonds to cater to your specific preferences, all while maintaining a commitment to transparency and ethical sourcing. Learn more about diamond shapes here.

Diamond Kind

Natural Diamonds

These diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle over billions of years and are known for their exceptional beauty and rarity. We exclusively sell natural diamonds, prized for their authenticity and enduring value.

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Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Laboratory grown diamonds offer an alternative for couples getting engaged and consumers looking to purchase jewellery at more affordable price points in comparison to mined diamonds. Grown inside a laboratory using cutting-edge technology, and not mined from the earth, laboratory-grown diamonds can be physically, chemically and optically similar to mined diamonds. Both laboratory grown diamonds and mined diamonds are made from pure, crystallised carbon.

Coloured Diamonds

These diamonds exhibit unique colours due to impurities or structural anomalies during their formation. We offer a variety of coloured diamonds, including champagne.

Diamond Kind

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds, also known as carbonado diamonds, are strikingly unique for their opaque black colour. While they are not transparent like traditional diamonds, they possess an intense lustre and are often used in avant-garde and contemporary jewellery designs. Our collection includes black diamonds that add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your jewellery pieces.

Diamond Kind

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are characterised by their inclusion-rich appearance, which features a myriad of tiny white and black specks resembling grains of salt and pepper. These diamonds are celebrated for their natural and rustic beauty, making each stone one-of-a-kind. Our selection of salt and pepper diamonds offers a distinctive and unconventional choice for those seeking a unique and raw aesthetic in their jewellery.