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I dont sell you a diamond. I help you buy the best one.

Founded by Danielle Camera in 2017, the eponymous jewellery brand is recognised for its exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive attention to detail and honest service. Danielle’s fascination for gemstones began early in childhood with many hours whiled away collecting crystals and making jewellery in her father’s garage. Danielle draws on her background in sculpture and her extensive experience in fine jewellery to create pieces that pay tribute to the finite nature of gemstones and precious metals whilst showcasing distinguished design and exceptional local craftsmanship. Creating pieces that speak to the individual and their stories in an environment that’s personal, inspiring and honest.

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Why work with me.

I’m obsessed with diamonds and gemstones, but serving clients with love & excellence is my priority.

About | Pricing & Value

Pricing and Value

Experience and a discerning eye enables me to sort through diamonds and gemstones and present the best curated selection within your budget. I don’t buy stock of diamonds and gemstones, so you’re not limited to a stock holding and you can be confident you’re not purchasing second-hand stones with limited traceability. I do the important work for you, selecting the best stones available from a network of established and trusted dealers and whilst I understand the significance of price, I also believe in offering unmatched value. My pricing reflects my experience and the exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating each ring.

Personalized designs

As individual as every love story, let me guide you on a journey to creating the perfect ring, conceptualising your ideas, gently directing your desires and channelling them with thoughtful input ensuring the finished ring is better than you could imagine, and because I’m a woman who wears jewellery I know what works well and what doesn’t.  I’m guided by distinguished design principles, and my jewellery is considered with attention paid to detail, ensuring each piece is not only desirable but enjoyable to wear.

Quality craftsmanship

Recognised for exceptional craftsmanship and exemplary wearability, my jewellery is crafted locally in precious gold and platinum using premium metal alloys, keeping our white gold looking whiter for longer, our yellow gold soft and buttery, and our rose gold the perfect shade of dusty pink. Each ring designed to showcase the diamond or gemstone hand-selected for its singularity & unique beauty is hand set into bands that are slender, not skinny, ensuring my rings can be worn daily and enjoyed for years to come.

Ethical and sustainable practices

Striving to build longevity through ethical principles lived out in the way I serve my customers, interact with my suppliers and source precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, I am conscientious when selecting partners, ensuring my gold, diamonds, and gemstones are ethically and legitimately sourced and conflict-free. Locally crafted jewellery presented in luxurious, locally sourced packaging contributes towards a smaller carbon footprint, and technological advancements within the global jewellery industry have allowed me to design new products and jewellery ranges using recycled and renewable materials. As sustainable and ethical business practices continue to evolve & improve with new insight, I look forward to new opportunities to do it better.


I believe in complete transparency, empowering you with the knowledge and assurance that your symbol of love is certified and genuine. Therefore, diamonds over 0.30ct and large precious gemstones are accompanied by industry-recognised gemological laboratory certificates guaranteeing the quality, integrity, and value of the diamond or gemstone used in your ring. Every client receives an insurance valuation certificate with an image of the ring confirming details such as style, karate, diamond and gemstone specifications, weight and replacement value. With experience in the jewellery replacement industry, my replacement values are not inflated, ensuring the replacement value of your ring and your insurance premiums are fair.

100+ Happy Clients

For years, my brand has been synonymous with exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. With numerous 5 Star testimonials from my delighted customers, you can trust that your engagement rings are crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Join the countless couples who have worked with me to mark their milestone moments and experience the joy and confidence that comes with owning an exclusive engagement ring.

Some of my work.

From modern classics to vintage-inspired masterpieces, my collection showcases an array of captivating designs you won’t find anywhere else. Each ring is carefully curated to embody elegance, sophistication, and individuality, ensuring that your engagement ring becomes a true expression of your love, unlike any other.

Let's work together.

To better accommodate your needs, I offer two options for consultations: in-person meetings at my office or virtual meetings for those who are based in Cape Town. To initiate the appointment process, kindly provide the requested information in the form below. I will review your submission and reach out to you shortly.