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Engagement Ring Trends 2023

The style of engagement rings and the appetite of brides-to-be for uniqueness continues to evolve in a heady aroma of individualism. Traditional styling remains but gives way to a melange of contemporary & vintage styling with unexpected cuts, settings & colours. The sheer volume of choice in 2023 is inspiring for both couples & jewellery designers alike.

1. 2023 In Diamonds

Diamonds reign supreme in 2023, but it’s not business as usual… Demand for the intrinsic, unchanging quality of diamonds is rooted in tradition and the universally recognised ‘love story.’ We’re seeing affordability, sustainability and individualism as key drivers behind design and style, with purchasing behaviour becoming more considered & personalised.

The laboratory grown diamond market shows no signs of slowing down and offers buyers an affordable alternative to mined diamonds, and the distinctive nature of salt & pepper, as well as antique cut diamonds with their old-world romantic style and large faceted sparkle, beckons brides far and wide dreaming of diamonds that echo their own sense of individualism.

Image courtesy of Misfit Diamonds

2. And It Was All Yellow

Considered one of the world’s oldest precious metals and highly sought after for millennia, it’s yellow gold that’s made its comeback in a big way! We’ve seen the warm metal dominate the runways and fashion magazines, and in 2023 yellow gold continues to engage a steady following in engagement. And there’s good reason for the renewed interest in this precious metal… largely in part to its warm yellow tone that compliments most skin tones and its durability; the colour lasts a lifetime.

3. The Art of Self-Expression & Celebration

Stacked rings are on the fingers of mainstream fashion, and the trend has carried over into Engagement. Contoured eternity rings stacked alongside straight bands hold their own and make way for the traditional wedding ring set to become more affordable, fluid and fun. Women are elevating their existing engagement rings and celebrating their own unique personality and style with a variation of chunkier gold bands and diamond eternity rings. The best Stacks are built over time, adding new rings in celebration of special occasions, people and places.

4. Celebrating The Individual

Storytelling and celebrating the individual are central to thoughtful details that define a ring and speak to the wearer. The style of the ring, the metal, the type of gemstone used, its cut and colour are curated and considered. “Our clients choose to be part of the journey of creating an engagement ring; their involvement in the selection process builds confidence, and the experience adds to their own unique story”.

5. In Good Company

The 2022 re-emergence of the ‘Toi et Moi’ (French for ‘you and me’), style engagement ring embraced by some of history’s most famous couples, think Napoleon & Josephine Bonaparte and John F. Kennedy & Jackie O.” has made way for the rise of the Multi-stone ring in 2023. Think of unusual combinations of cut, size and colour that make for and eye-catching designs.

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